Article last updated: May 22, 2024

Blue lagoon

the Dangers of a Volcano under the Blue Lagoon

Are you going to the blue lagoon? think again.

Impending Volcanic Eruption Near Iceland's Blue Lagoon

An imminent volcanic eruption threatens the area surrounding Iceland's Blue Lagoon, with recent seismic activities centered around the Eldvorp crater system, located approximately 5km southwest of the Blue Lagoon and 6km west of Grindavik. The Icelandic Met Office's GPS data indicates significant ground inflation due to magma intrusion, suggesting the formation of a "bulge" in the terrain.

Seismic Activity and Ground Deformation

After a period of calm, earthquake activity has intensified, including two quakes exceeding magnitude 4. Despite a subsequent drop in seismic events, the persistent ground deformation implies that magma continues to amass beneath the surface, indicating that the volcanic crisis is ongoing.

Potential Risks

The current volcanic activity poses a serious risk to the nearby energy plant and one of Iceland's most popular tourist destinations. Experts are utilizing GPS and satellite data, along with seismic activity records, to model the potential eruption site. However, there is considerable uncertainty regarding the exact size and location of the magma intrusion.

Source: Volcano Discovery, Icelandic Met Office (as of November 2023)