Large Campervan 3 people

this is the perfect car for your travels around the country, it has a lot of space, it has a diesel heater that you can run through out the night and a very large bed that can be converted into a dining space





Insurance addons (prices are per day)

Gravel protection and Ash protection

ISK 500

Super CDW (Recommended)

ISK 1990

Platinum CDW

ISK 3990

Tire Insurance

ISK 250

Extra items for your trip (prices are total)

Sleeping bag

ISK 750

Camping Chair

ISK 200


ISK 150


ISK 250


ISK 200

Gas Canister Small 450gr

ISK 3000

Camping stove

ISK 1500

Power Inverter

ISK 1400

Power Bank

ISK 1250

Popup Tent for 2 People

ISK 1200

Kitchen Set (2 People)

ISK 500

Pot and Pan

ISK 500

Speeding fine

ISK 20000

new motor

ISK 300000

picking up and droping of a car 800km

ISK 170000

under 25y/o refundable deposit

ISK 30000

Total price

ISK 20280

minimize window


Total price

ISK 20280